Smart Urbanation collocated with 7th Smart Cities Summit is India's leading platform for government and private stakeholders to dialogue and derive decisive ways to outline India's urban reality and future strengthened with technological revolution.

Now in its seventh year, the Summit, a highly interactive conference and expo, showcases cutting-edge technologies, real-world solutions and proven strategies that India needs to build more livable, workable, sustainable cities.

Smart Urbanation will take place in Mumbai, where experts will be able to address not only the private sector, but prominent representatives of the public sector as well, and from all around the world. Maharashtra is this year’s ‘Host State’, and they will be showcasing their 10 smart cities’ achievements, how they have developed, and display opportunities for growth and guidance. Smart Urbanation thrives on the fact that this platform can be used to educate city leaders into the new age of Urban Planning










Industry Recognition

SPV CEO Awards

These awards are held to to see which SPV CEO’s efforts have resonated with their citizens the most. This is an online poll to see which SPV CEO is the most popular.

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Smart Project Awards

These awards feature those cities that have completed the highest citizen befitting projects in the country. These projects will be selected by a highly established jury from global experts.

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Innovation Hub Awards

Innovation Hub Awards recognize start-ups selling the most innovative solutions to cities. The start-ups will be judged by incubators from around the country on a variety of factors.

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